Maya on her 19th birthdayThat’s the Way Life Lives

Stories of hope and resilience

Ultimately, we all lose someone we love. How can we mine the gifts of grief to bounce back better than before? Other life losses – of a job, a beloved, our health or youth – raise new challenges. That’s The Way Life Lives shares what I’ve discovered during 20 years of grief work about how to get back up when life knocks you down.      Read the blog


OdieThe Cat Came Back

True tales of two orange tabbies

Sometimes what’s been lost is restored. My cat Saffron came home after six years on the road. In a series of humorous and endearing posts, I tell the story of his miraculous return and how my new cat Odie and I are trying to welcome him back. Read about the adventures of Saffron and Odie here.      Read the Blog