Swimming with Maya

Swimming with Maya: A Mother’s Story,
Capital Books/IPM, Hardcover, 2004
Dream of Things, Paperback and eBook, 2013

Swimming with Maya is about the unique and complicated relationship between mothers and daughters, and celebrates how that relationship continues to exist beyond the grave.

After her daughter Maya’s accidental death, Eleanor Vincent made the decision to donate her organs. She had no idea how that split-second decision would change her life and allow a way out of her grief. Swimming with Maya chronicles a remarkable friendship between a grieving mother and the man who lived because her daughter’s heart beat in his chest.

In vivid language, Eleanor Vincent illuminates the kind of courage, creativity, faith, and sheer tenacity it takes to find one’s balance after the death of a child.

“Heartbreaking and heart healing, this compelling story of surviving the death of a child will stay with you long after you’ve closed the book.”
-Ellen Bass, The Courage to Heal and The Human Line

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In Anthologies

At the End of Life“The Resurrection of Wonder Woman”
At the End of Life: True Stories About How We Die, edited by Lee Gutkind
in Fact Books, Hardcover, 2011; Paperback, 2012

“The Resurrection of Wonder Woman” explores the emotional impact of organ donation from the perspective of a grieving mother and the ethical questions Eleanor faced as a result of her decision. Maya’s organs and tissues ultimately saved four lives and improved countless others.

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This I Believe: On MotherhoodThe Gravity of Love”
This I Believe: On Motherhood, edited by Dan Gediman with John Gregory and Mary Jo Gediman
Jossey-Bass, Hardcover, 2012

“The Gravity of Love” tells the story of Meghan’s wedding and how a bereaved mother is always time shifting even during the happiest occasions. This piece shows how Maya’s life influenced Eleanor’s way of being the mother of the bride.

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Impact“Lucia’s Birth”
Impact: An Anthology of Short Memoirs, edited by CoCo Harris
Telling Our Stories Press, 2012

“Lucia’s Birth” tells the story of how Eleanor entered grandmotherhood by assisting at her daughter’s labor, interwoven with flashbacks of her birth and growing up years, intercut with memories of Maya. Lucia’s entry into this world changed the way she felt about losing Maya.

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