A Spirited Woman

Nancy Mills loves to connect and empower women. A dynamo with seemingly boundless energy, she recently called me before breakfast to be sure that the links I’d submitted for the 2016 Spirited Woman Directory were working properly. Nancy is both a visionary and a stickler for detail.

Founded by Nancy in 2001, TheSpiritedWoman.com is a leading (and growing) virtual global community designed to empower women. Its mission statement is “Women inspiring women.”

Nancy Mills

Run with marketing savvy and technology panache, the services offered include an international Spirited Woman Blogger Team posting inspirational offerings,Top 12 Pick Lists of books and resources, and The Sisterhood of the Sacred Scarves, which raises funds for the Spirited Woman Foundation to help heal and support women through actions of empowerment.

But the crown jewel of Nancy’s virtual empire is the annual Spirited Woman Directory: A Collection of Stories & Resources for An Inspired Life! – which celebrates “the every woman visionary who is inspiring and changing the world one spirited woman step at a time.”

The 2016 Spirited Woman Directory

Since the first directory was published online in 2012, more than 275 women from eight countries and over 35 states have participated in the project.

This year, I was fortunate enough to be one of them. Nancy’s enthusiasm is contagious. After speaking with her for just five minutes, I was won over by her passionate commitment to her vision.

Nancy is blessed with an uncanny ability to find and bring together women from around the globe who are doing amazing healing and creative work. Getting to know these women through monthly calls and Facebook posts has been proof positive: Women inspiring women really works!

“I gravitate toward women who are doing their best to help others,” Nancy says. “I view myself as a cheerleader for other women and I think the women who join the project feel the same way about what they do.”

Each woman listed in the directory writes a short version of her life story intended to uplift and support other women and provides links to her website and social media so that viewers can find her.

The Spirited Woman Directory is a free informational tool to download, and/or embed and share. It is available via websites, blogs, e-lists, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, and other social media. Early in 2016, you will also be able to download it as an App on your mobile phone. It is designed to be shared globally by everyone.

Nancy believes her vision of changing the world one woman visionary at a time has never been more vital. “The divine feminine needs to come forward and help heal a world gone mad,” she says. “If we can light a fire of inspiration, we can touch one life, and another, and another. We’re all here to make a difference.”

I’ve always believed in the power of networking and of women supporting women. Nancy’s enthusiasm, her belief in other women, and her ability to tap her intuition to bring women together, have inspired me to double down on my commitment to live a spirited life and to make a positive difference in the world.

Please view and download your free copy of The Spirited Woman Directory and then share it with your friends and virtual networks. Help us light a fire of inspiration!