A Love Note to Readers

Writing is often lonely work. When it goes well, it is deeply satisfying. When it doesn’t, it is beyond frustrating. Word by word, sentence by sentence, we writers labor to share a created reality with our readers. When readers respond with gratitude, support, and kudos, well, it feels wonderful.

I’m writing this love note to all my readers, near or far. Thank you for reading Swimming with Maya, writing to tell me about it, telling your family and friends, and posting reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and other sites and blogs. Reader response is how an author gauges whether or not her story has hit home, and word of mouth is the best recommendation.

Right now, more than 167 of you have posted reviews of Swimming with Maya on Amazon. Of those, 106 reviews are 5 star. This is a remarkable triumph for a book whose original publisher, Capital Books, closed its doors in 2010.

A beautiful hardback book, the original version of Swimming with Maya, was about to disappear. Thanks to friend and sister author, Madeline Sharples, who introduced me to Mike O’Mary at Dream of Things, the fortunes of my book changed.

Reissued as an e-book and paperback early in 2013, Swimming with Maya has exceeded expectations, selling more than 16,000 copies and appearing twice on The New York Times e-book bestseller list.

So today I am celebrating you, dear reader. Thank you so much for reading this story, being inspired by it, and telling others. Please continue to tell your friends and family about Swimming with Maya. It has the potential to bring hope to many more readers.