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An inspiring story about the unique and complicated relationship between mothers and daughters, Swimming with Maya celebrates how that relationship continues to exist beyond the grave.

“In Swimming With Maya, Eleanor Vincent delivers powerful prose with a meaningful and memorable message.”-Lee Gutkind, editor of At the End of Life and founder of Creative Nonfiction Magazine

“Vincent’s poignant decision to donate Maya’s organs will resonate with even hard-boiled readers.” -Booklist

“In this riveting, poignant, and utterly honest memoir Eleanor Vincent demonstrates the remarkable process of healing after the traumatic death of her daughter, Maya.”-Judy Tatelbaum, author of The Courage to Grieve

View an interview with Eleanor Vincent about Swimming with Maya on “Connie Martinson Talks Books.”



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Eleanor VincentAward-winning essayist and memoirist Eleanor Vincent writes about the unique and complicated relationship between mothers and daughters, making the hard decisions as a parent—whether your child is 14 or 40—and navigating midlife transitions with grace and authenticity.
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“A gripping and passionate account of how we face the final rite of passage. these stories mine the agility of the human spirit, and will not easily be forgotten.”—Danielle Ofri, author of Medicine in Translation and Singular Intimacies
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